The criminal known as Blackjack was active in the 1940's. Through unrevealed means he managed to acquire a squad of fighter jets as well as a cruise ship. Setting up an operation on an island near New York City, he begun recruiting criminals to work in his operations. Those who refused would be eliminated to keep his plans a secret. One of those who refused the recruitment offer was a reformed criminal who happened to be the father of Jimmy Wilson, a friend of Toro. When the commissioner of the police sought to find answers on the case of the missing crooks, he put the Human Torch on the case.

After learning that Jimmy Wilson's father was murdered, the Torch would have Toro pretend to become a criminal to see if someone would come to him. Sure enough a representative of Blackjack would come to recruit Toro into his empire. Following, the Torch and Toro would damage much of Blackjack's operations, however Toro would be injured when winged by a bullet. Blackjack and his men would be rounded up aboard Blackjacks ship. When they would pull to port, Blackjack would jump into the water and escape.

Despite his injuries, Toro would help the Torch locate one of Blackjack's men who would frequent baseballs games and force him to give up Blackjack's location. Tracking Blackjack down, the Human Torch would track Blackjack down. Refusing to surrender and continuing to flee, the Torch would be forced to burn Blackjack alive.


Blackjack was a master criminal


Blackjack had impaired vision and wore glasses.


Blackjack had a cruise ship as well as fighter planes

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