The Birdmen hale from the planet Sunev a world that supposedly formed from a chunk of the Earth that broke free millions of years ago. Their ancestry a mystery their common language was English and they knew that they would one day be visited by men from Earth.

In the 1940's the Birdmen encountered visitors from Earth by Zephyr Jones and his companion Corky Grogan. At that time, they were a civilized monarchy that had some advancements in science however Zephyr and Corky would provide them various technologies.

Their major opponents were the Parrot-Men, a savage species of avian humanoids that sought to take over the planet. Unknown to King Bolo and his daughter Princess Tonka their General Roudo was a traitor spying for the Parrot-Men. Growing jealous of Zephyr he would frame the two humans for being spies and have them locked up to be executed.

Shortly thereafter the Birdmen would be invaded by the Parrot-Men, however Zephyr and Corky would fight them off with their guns. With the battle won and Roudo exposed as a traitor and executed Zephyr would provide the knowledge to make guns to the Birdmen so that they could defend themselves from the Parrot-Men.

Powers and Abilities


Flight by wings, presumably other physical adaptions common to avian-humanoids


Habitat: Earthlike
Gravity: Earthlike
Atmosphere: Earthlike


Type of Government: Monarchy
Level of Technology: The Birdmen were slightly advanced in the field of medical science as they had developed an elixer that would increase the life span of a being indefinitely. Some Birdmen would live to be 300 to 400 years old. Zephyr Jones would provide the Birdmen with various Earth technologies including firearms, radio, motion pictures, television, motor vehicles among other things.
Representatives: General Roudo, King Bolo, Princess Tonka


While Sunev's connection to Earth is unsubstantiated, the idea is not an impossibility. It's entirely possible that the Birdmen of Sunev might be an offshoot of an avian race common to Earth, such as the Bird People. The Marvel Atlas#2(2008)under Aerie says that the Aerie's one ally is the city of Sunev.


Other similar alien races are Angel Elite of Galador and the S'Raphh[1].

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