Billy Vanderlyn grew up in the Baychester neighborhood in the Bronx. He shoplifted as a kid because his father would not give him the money to get by on the streets. Once every shopkeeper in his neighborhood knew to look out for him, Billy worked for a corner pusher. Billy tried to join the Army, but his criminal record prevented him from doing so. Instead, he joined the Rat Pack and received the title "Number Six." Billy found his niche in the group, becoming the team's top sniper.

When the leader of the Rat Pack, Number One, leader started working with "Mr. Green," the Rat Pack became involved in kidnapping Mayor Rizzoner. Team leaders such as Billy stationed their teams at checkpoints to ambush Spider-Man as he tried to save the mayor. Billy stationed himself on a roof in Hoboken behind a parapet. he heard news on the radio that Spider-Man was already attacking checkpoints, a full hour before they had planned. Billy got out his tranquilizer dart gun as ordered and put away his personal favorite rifle.

Spider-Man got a hold of a radio and warned the team leaders that he was coming and claimed that the mysterious "Mr. Green" was actually the Green Goblin. This unnerved Billy, who did not want to work for such a "crazed loony." Billy monitored the situation with his radio as Spider-Man took out more of the checkpoints. Despite his orders to use the tranquilizer gun, Billy took out his rifle. Spider-Man sneaked up behind Billy and tied him up with webbing. Spider-Man snapped Billy's rifle into pieces and held him over the building's edge to interrogate him. Billy told the masked superhero that Number One and the mayor were probably at Torpey Chemical Plant. After Spider-Man left and tied Billy to the roof, Billy heard police sirens approaching in the streets below.[1]


Top sniper in the Rat Pack.


Gas mask.


Personal favorite rifle; tranquilizer dart rifle.

  • Billy Vanderlyn calls Spider-Man "the bug-man."

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  1. Spider-Man: Goblin Moon, Chapter Fourteen

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