Bill Dunn was one of about a dozen men hired by Professor Philo Zog to be part of his team of operatives to fight crime by means of the robot known as Electro[1]. Bill would be titled Operator Number Seven.

When Professor Zog turned his attention to fighting the drug rackets that were running rampant in America, he sent Bill to San Francisco to learn the identity of the drug dealer known as the Voice. Disguising himself as an Oriental drug dealer, he sneaked into one of the Voice's hideouts and learned of a Cocaine shipment coming in through San Francisco Bay.

Deducing the Voice must be broadcasting from around that location, he investigated and found that the Voice operated from a radio transmitter on a small island off the Bay. Summoning Electro, Bill ordered the robot to destroy the facility, and it easily captured the Voice and his aid and turned them over to the police[2].




Bill is equipped with a portable telephone that allows him to contact Professor Zog and send verbal commands to Electro. He also has a television receiver that allows him to see what Electro sees through it's camera eye.

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