After being sentenced to 99 years in prison, career criminal Big Monk McGak broke out of custody while on a train headed for the prison. He devised a plan to wear a fake beard, and rent out a house where he could lay low. Finding a small town, McGak went to Zero Real Estate, and bullied the meek realtor, Mr. Zero, into showing him a supposedly haunted house on the edge of town.

Despite Zero's pleas about the hauntings, McGak was adamant about renting the house. When McGak's beard came off, Zero recognized his face from the newspaper. Attempting to grab Zero to keep him from going to the police, McGak was baffled when his arms went right through Zero's body. Zero explained that he himself was in fact the ghost, and morphed into a massive white spectre.

Terrified, McGak ran from the house, and caught the attention of a police car that happened to be driving by the house. McGak revealed his identity, and begged the officers to arrest him. When the police asked the departing Mr. Zero what caused McGak's reaction, Zero replied that it may have been McGak's conscience.[1]

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