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The brilliant Reed Richards built the robot Big Brain to act as a replacement for himself and his wife Susan in the Fantastic Five.

Reed was working full time to tend to his wife who was in a coma while her powers held together a rift in the Negative Zone that threatened Earth. Reed built Big Brain with his intelligence and wife's ability to project force fields.[1]

Reed and Susan recently returned to active duty and the Big Brain robot is no longer a member of the Fantastic Five.[2]


Big Brain could act independently but could also be operated remotely by Reed if his expertise was needed. The first version of Big Brain was little more than two pods; one for a body and one with an image of a human brain. Version 1.0 could fly independently and generate force fields and energy beams.[3]

Version 2.0 was a small humanoid but required a hovercart in order to fly and did not emit energy beams.[4]


Hover cart.

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