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The brilliant Reed Richards built the robot Big Brain to act as a replacement for himself and his wife Susan in the Fantastic Five.

Big Brain (Earth-982)

Big Brain 1.0

Reed was working full time to tend to his wife who was in a coma while her powers held together a rift in the Negative Zone that threatened Earth. Reed built Big Brain with his intelligence and wife's ability to project force fields.

Big Brain could act independently but could also be operated remotely by Reed if his expertise was needed. The first version of Big Brain was little more than two pods; one for a body and one with an image of a human brain. Version 1.0 could fly independently and generate force fields and energy beams. Version 2.0 was a small humanoid but required a hovercart in order to fly and did not emit energy beams.

Reed and Susan recently returned to active duty and the Big Brain robot is no longer a member of the Fantastic Five.


Capable of generating force fields.


Hover cart.

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