Big Boy Bates was a mobster who never outgrew his childhood. At age seven he developed a taste for lollipops, and committed his first crime by stealing one at age ten. By age eighteen he was purse snatching and as an adult he was a full on robber, never giving up his love of lollipops and other childish things.

In 1946, now the leader of a gang, he sent his men to rob the patrons of an amusement park that were riding on a roller coaster. However, among the passengers were the Young Allies who thwarted the crooks before they could complete the robbery, forcing them to flee. Returning to their hideout, Big Boy Bates was furious that they were foiled and decided to go out with is men to eliminate the Young Allies. They attacked the boys in the haunted house but were once more forced to flee thanks to Toro's flame powers. Bates soon captured Bucky, Whitewash Jones and Tubby Tinkel and attempted to shoot them out of the human cannonball exhibit. They were rescued by their allies while Bates and his men fled the scene, unaware that Bates' bag of jelly beans had a hole in it and was leaving a trail the Allies could follow.

Deciding to rob a toy factory, Big Boy soon became distracted with the toys and began playing with them until the Allies showed up forcing them to flee again. Stealing a tandem bike, they attempted to get away but were forced to crash by Toro. Bates assisted in their getaway by tripping up the Allies with his jelly beans, but accidentally dropped an advertisement for a kite flying contest that offered a $5000 prize to the person with the best kite. There, Bates and his men participated in the contest intending to rob the winner of the prize. When the Young Allies won, Bates and his men made their move but were easily bested and turned over to the authorities. Bates was locked up in prison, denied the lollipops he loved so much.

His subsequent fate is unknown.


Big Boy Bates acts like a child of seven years old, albeit with a criminal streak. He is addicted to candy, and is easily distracted by childish things such as toys and playing games.


Bates carried a gun.

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