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Bi-Beast was one of The Grandmaster's favored champions in the Contest of Champions, and thus was commemorated with a bust on the Grandmaster's tower alongside other champions. [1]


Seemingly the same as Bi-Beast (Earth-616)#powers

Bi-Beast (Earth-199999) from The Incredible Hulk (2008 video game) 0002
  • Bi-Beast first appeared in the non-canonical Incredible Hulk video game, as an android designed by the Council of The Enclave's leader both to aid in their criminal activities in New York and to recover data from the Hulk. Bi-Beast was aiding a series of Enclave troops when he was spotted by the green goliath, and the two immediately began fighting. Hulk quickly learned that his regular attacks and basic strength were completly shrugged off by the Bi-Beast's tough hide, forcing the Incredible Jade Jaws to rely on his thunder claps and quakes in order to stun the android in order to do any damage. The battle made its way across multiple streets, but eventually the Hulk managed to overpower Bi-Beast, ripping its head and robotic spine off- cutting off the view of the disappointed Enclave leaders.

Bi-Beast's legacy would live on in the form of similar one-headed shock troops used by certain Enclave sects to help battle Hulk. [2]

Keith Ferguson and Chris Edgerly provide the voice to Bi-Beast's top and bottom heads respectively.

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