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For a time, the Bi-Beast was a prisoner of the Stranger on his Laboratory World.[1] At least one incarnation of the BI-Beast died on Battleworld, when the Stranger was posing as the Beyonder.[2]

Bi-Beast spent some time in Bagalia as part of the nation of super-villains dubbed the new Masters of Evil.[3]

For some reason, he also joined the Sinister Sixteen as a flunkie of the Owl.[4]


The Bi-Beast is a highly advanced android that rivals the Hulk in terms of strength, is tireless and feels no pain. The Bi-Beast also possesses an extensive knowledge of Avian warfare and culture, but no knowledge of science. The dissemination of this information to two minds, however, proves to be a handicaps as the heads often argue with one another.[5]

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