When Death Head II and Tuck traveled back to the exact point of Death's Head II's origin they were met with a group of horse-cyborgs know as the Light Brigade, who claimed that their traveling through time had damage the future timestream and they were there to prevent any further damage. While they snared the cyborg and Tuck in a time-net it didn't take long for Death's Head II to break out and pummel the cyborgs. This got the attention of the police and Bettte Noir threw her double-blade sword at the cops. Left without a weapon, Death's Head II attacked her from behind, but she pleaded with him for his life. She told him that the cyborg's next trip was to the year 1993 and hoped that this would prevent him from messing with the timestream.[1]


She had enhance durability, stamina and strength.[1]


She and the Lightbrigade could teleport through time.[1]


A giant golden double bladed sword.[1]

  • The name comes from "bête noire" (literally 'black beast' in French), a nemesis or frequently recurring weakness or problem.
  • She and her team were stated to return in a comic called Ten-Sec;[1] however, due to Marvel UK's cancellation, this never happened.

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