Quote1 Your weapon is mighty, demon, but now it belongs to Beta Ray Bill! Quote2
-- Beta Ray Bill src

Beta Ray Bill chosen to be his world's champion and was turned into a cyborg by the Genetic Enhancement and Korbinite Technology, and defends his race, the Korbinites, against the menace of Surtur.

He commanded a sleeper ship called the Scuttlebutt, which contained the last Korbinites, who were in cryonic suspension aboard it, seeking a safe place somewhere to live.

He battled Thor, who was searching for Surtur as well, believing him to be one of Surtur's demons. He proved to be worthy to carry the Mjolnir, Thor's hammer. He was accidentally teleported to Asgard by the Mjolnir, where he fought the Asgardian Warriors but was stopped by Odin. After Thor was brought back to Asgard by Odin, Bill realized the Asgardians where nothing like Surtur.

Knowing the worthiness of his actions, Odin offered Bill a new hammer called the Stormbreaker, forged by Eitri, who forged Thor's hammer, with the same material as it was made, Uru.

He, Thor and Sif returned to the place where the Scuttlebutt crashed, finding themselves battling a possessed Enchantress in order to save the Korbinites in the ship.

With the might of the Mjolnir and the Strombreaker combined, the Enchantress and the demons where defeated, but she escaped.

Sif offered Bill to accompany him in the search of a safe place for his race to be, he declined, but stated that when the time for battle Surtur arrives, he'll fight side by side Thor.


Seemingly those of Beta Ray Bill (Earth-616)#Powers.


Seemingly those of Beta Ray Bill (Earth-616)#Abilities.





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