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Little is known of Manbot's previous life, except that his name was Bernie Lachenay, and that he worked for Department H before being bonded with a Box robot. The Department merged him with what they had made of the Box armor. [1] According to an omniscient narrator, little remains of Bernie's human personality, and he may have no sense of humor. A sight that would reportedly cause Bernie to laugh, had no apparent effect on Manbot. He did not even crack a smile. [1]

Bernie Lachenay (Earth-616) from Alpha Flight Vol 2 3 001

During the newly reassembled Alpha Flight´s first few missions, Manbot secretly recorded the activities for later study back at the Department H. After the restructuring of the Department that followed the apparent death of a high-ranking official, Manbot was no longer utilized in such a covert manner and has since been reassigned to the training team Beta Flight.

Power Grid [3]
Energy Projection
Fighting Skills
* Heightened data processing skills


  • Energy blasts
  • Chi-Omnicron guided missiles
  • Nerve toxin M-11
  • Flight
  • Silent communication via radio link


  • During a fight between Alpha Flight and Mesmero, Manbot turned out to be the only member of the team immune to Mesmero's mind-control powers. [2] This might indicate his mind is no longer human enough to be affected.

Strength level

Estimated at 75-100 tons


In addition to flight, Manbot could also turn his legs into rollers.

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