Ben Tucker was a high school student living in Westwood, California with his single father when he saw an alien spacecraft crash into the ocean. Ben found Sha-Han the captain of the ship who gave him a Circlet of Power before dying. Ben told his father of this amazing event but his father didn't believe him; worrying his son was spending too much time focused on comic books. Sha-Han later appeared to Ben as a spirit and instructed him in the use of the Circlet of Power.

Ben found he could use the Circlet of Power to transform into a super-humanly powerful form, which he dubbed Solarman. He fought Gormagga Kraal.


  • Superhuman strength (see Strength)
  • Superhuman durability: able to survive in outer space
  • Superhuman stamina (see Weaknesses)
  • Flight
  • Telemetry: Solarman could pinpoint locations on Earth from outside the atmosphere


Ben was a moderately skilled comic book artist.

Strength level

Able to lift/press 10 tons.


Solarman's powers depended on direct sunlight.


  • Circlet of Power: solar-powered alien device that allowed him to transform into Solarman.
  • Beepie: a robotic assistant.

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