Acting as the Captain of the Fantastik, a ship designed by his friend Sir Richard Reed, Grimm set sail towards the New World. On the Sargasso Sea however, the ship encountered a strange light. Much of the crew was afraid and left the ship but the captain remained with Sir Reed, Master Storm and Susan Storm. They passed through the light and were granted strange powers, Grimm having become incredibly strong and being made out of rock. They continued their journey around the world, acting as heroes when needed. After passing through Russia the group was imprisoned by Count Otto Von Doom, Grimm held in a very small room in the dungeon where he didn't even have room to sit. He spent years bashing against one wall and over time it began to crack. During a raid on Doom's Castle, Grimm continued his wall-shaking, which freed Susan and she was able to free the others. After a confrontation with Doom, the quartet joined the crew of the Eagle's Shadow in sailing to the New World to prevent the destruction of creation. After that was complete, they remained in Roanoke before returning to England.[1]


See Benjamin Grimm (Earth-616)#Powers


See Benjamin Grimm (Earth-616)#Abilities

Strength level

He is capable of lifting 90+ tons


None known


The Fantastick

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