Ben Wallis was the sheriff of the town of Fade Out, who was in jeopardy of losing his position of sheriff after a series of unsolved arrow killings. Unknown to Wallis, this was all orchestrated by his rival Grimsey who hired a man named Miguel to frame bow and arrow expert "Injun" Joe for the crimes.

Investigating the site of the recent murder up by Robber Rock, Wallis would encounter the Masked Raider who would help Wallis expose the real killer and help Wallis capture them. With the Raider's help, Ben would learn the real killers identity and his connection with Grimsey. Coaxing Grimsey into a gun fight, Ben would put himself in a position for Grimsey to stage Miguel to kill him. However, the Raider would catch them in the act and Wallis would arrest Grimsey and his accomplices.

Following the expose and arrest of Grimsey and his men, Ben Wallis was re-elected as sheriff of Fade Out.[1]


Ben wears a gun belt that holsters his six shooter and carries extra ammo.


Ben Wallis rides a horse


Ben is armed with a six shooter

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