Ben Gallagher was a writer obsessed with the legend of the Holy Grail, first publishing a book that that became a best seller[1]. While on a trip to Craggansay island mean on taking pictures of sea life Ben had encounter with reporter Dionne Bell, who was also there to take picture of the dolphin. The two quickly became friends and bonded, but when one Dionne insulted one the local fisherman, Scarman, things become complicated. Scarman soon rounded up a party to slay both of the uninvited guest, Ben under a trace was protected be Dionne who died from her injuries. Overcome with anger Ben lash out, discovering not only that he was Pendragon but that Scarman was one of the Bane[2]. He became involved with the ongoing war between the Green Knight and the forces of the Bane, and was granted the Pendragon spirit which had once belonged to Sir Percival, which gave him superhuman powers. Ben, alongside his lover Kate McClellan, was one of the Knights of Pendragon who was involved in the final battle with the Bane. He was killed, then resurrected, but ultimately gave up his life to save the life of Union Jack.[3]


Could project damaging blasts.


Could heal others


Initially used a fake holy grail to focus his powers.


In his final battle, he utilizes a sword and shield.

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