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Belle Raven

Belle Raven was an outlaw who was active during the days of the American Frontier. In order to disguise her identity, she created the alter-ego of the Fox, wearing an outfit that hid her feminine features and made her appear to be a man. She and her gang robbed stage coaches and banks, and rustled cattle. The western law enforcement authorities offered a $1000 reward for the Fox's arrest.

The Fox eventually targeted the town of Leadville, Texas telling a deputy to warn the sheriff that she intended to rob the Leadville bank. As luck had it, Belle injured her foot and sought the aid of a doctor in her civilian guise. Thinking she had a broken leg, she was treated by Leadville doctor Matthew Masters who, unknown to Raven, was secretly the western hero the Black Rider.

After her treatment, Belle changed into her Fox identity and planted fools gold nearby and tricked a local into finding it. Soon the gold hungry people of Leadville left on a gold rush leaving the town nearly deserted and easy pickings for a bank robbery. The Fox and her men then began their robbery, only to be opposed by the Black Rider. The Black Rider gunned down the Fox's men and the Fox attempted to flee. The Black Rider then tackled the Fox and unmasked her, revealing her true identity and turning her over to the authorities.

The Fox's ultimate fate is unknown.


When posing as the Fox, Belle Raven worse a specially tailored outfit that made her appear to be male.


The Fox rode a horse.


The Fox was armed with six shooters.

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