Bel Cummings (Earth-616) from Captain America Comics Vol 1 54 0002

Bel Cummings before the accident

Bel Cummings was an actor who performed in Hollywood during the 1930s and 1940s, working at Colossal Pictures Inc. One day a fire ripped through the studio that left Bel horribly scarred, ending his acting career. True or not, he personally blamed Colossal Pictures producer Jerry Small, as well as actor Sonja Blake and Lake Wood for the accident.

As part of his plan, he developed the alter ego of Larry Shore, and became a successful Hollywood screenplay writer and purchased Tarrymore Castle on Mad Mountain. By 1946 he was Colossal Pictures hottest writer, none the wiser of his ruse. He then sold Jerry Small a script for a horror film called "The Death of Scarface". Jerry accepted the script, and agreed to cast Blake and Wood and shoot the film at Tarrymore Castle.

Bel Cummings (Earth-616) from Captain America Comics Vol 1 54 0003

Bel Cummings after the accident.

There, the filming attracted the attention of Captain America and Bucky who believed that Sonja Blake was really being attacked, but stood down when they realized it was a film shoot. However, this caused the heroes guards to be down when Bel killed Larry Wood and took his place under the Scarface mask and strangled Sonja Blake to death. By the time Cap and Bucky reacted to the murder, Cummings broke the studio lamps and escaped through a secret passage way. Changing into his Larry Shore identity he returned pretending to have just arrived on the set from L.A. He then began acting bravely, wandering off into the castle with his gun to try and distance himself from his alter ego.
Bel Cummings (Earth-616) from Captain America Comics Vol 1 54 0004

Posing as Larry Shore

When Cap began suspecting that Shore was responsible for the murders, "Shore" then faked his own death. When Cap searched his body, he found an article about Bel Cummings and left Bucky in charge while he went back to the city and researched the star. When he learned the story behind Cummings accident, he returned to the shoot convinced that Cummings was responsible. Trying to use Jerry as bait, Cap and Bucky were captured and left to drown in a room filling with water. However, the two heroes freed themselves and pulled "Larry Shore" off of Jerry Short. Chased through the castle, "Shore" was knocked off a balcony by Cap and suffered a fatal fall. Unmasked, Cummings revealed his whole plot before dying.[1]


When posing as Larry Shore, Cummings wore a life like mask.


Cummings carried a gun.

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