Bel Amee Anora is a floating city located in the atmosphere of a nameless planet. Several years ago, the mutant hero known as Nightcrawler rescued the princess of Bel Amee Anora, Jinjav Sabree, from the clutches of a pirate named Captain Long John McGurk. He brought her safely back to her people and received the gratitude of the Jinjav’s noble family.

Although Nightcrawler enjoyed the opportunity to rescue the beautiful princess, he soon found himself stranded in the streets of the city, with no immediate means of returning to his home dimension. As citizens of Bel Amee Anora looked upon him, they recoiled in fright, mistaking him for an impish creature known as a Boggie.

Captain Long John McGurk arrived in Bel Amee Anora to reclaim Jinjav Sabree and sell her to a powerful sorcerer known as Shagreen. McGurk also wanted revenge upon Nightcrawler for stealing the princess from him and so he sent one of his female crewmembers, Meg, on a mission to bait Nightcrawler into a trap. She lured the mutant into an alleyway, feigning distress in the hopes that Nightcrawler might let his guard down. As Nightcrawler made certain that Meg was not in any true danger, McGurk clubbed him from behind and dragged him out of the city onto his sky-vessel, the T'ai Javinee.

Nightcrawler was taken to the stronghold of the sorcerer Shagreen, as was a recaptured Sabree. Narrowly escaping thanks to McGurk and his crew, who found that the sorcerer had short-changed them, they return to Bel Amee Anora. Unfortunately, just as Sabree was about to express her gratitude for being saved again, Nightcrawler was drawn away by a trans-dimensional portal on the path back to his home reality.[1]


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