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The Behemoth was a giant robot created by the Committee to fight the Werewolf. Baron Thunder instructed it to attack Jack Russell at his condo and to bring him to the Committee's headquarters. When the Behemoth had attacked, however, Jack had already transformed into the Werewolf and attacked the large construct. Though the Behemoth was much stronger than the beast, the Werewolf was able to use his claws to tear the large hands right off of the robot. When the outcome of the battle looked uncertain, Baron Thunder summoned the Behemoth back to the Committee's headquarters for repairs[1].


The Behemoth stood about 15 feet in height and possessed superhuman strength and durability. It could not feel pain and would relentlessly attack an opponant even after having it's hands torn off.


The Behemoth was composed of a clay-like substance which was vulnerable to attacks by sharp objects, such as the Werewolf's claws. While the Behemoth could not feel pain, he could have appendages (such as his hands) ripped off, hampering his effectivness in combat.

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