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Beast talks to Dazzler about her power and that she should not hide from it. He tells her that she is best to be proud of this power. She has found refuge in the Heartbreak Hotel and it is run by mutants who have been "shunned" by the world. She feels comfortable here. Link tries to make her happy and it does not work. She also meets a few of the other mutants there. She is not as happy as she once was and tells Beast this. While talking, Poltergeist's powers act up and Dazzler is almost accidentally hurt. He apologizes to her and she says he should not use his powers to hurt people.

In Latveria, Doctor Doom watches over his subjects and feels that they are but peasants and have insignificant lives. His butler walks in and announces that his son has been seen in the company of Dazzler. Doctor Doom responds that he has no son.

In the Heartbreak Hotel, there is a knock at the door. Beast walks to answer it and sees that it is a mutant who has come for Dazzler. Beast attacks and stops him and then Alexander Flynn walks in and talks to Dazzler and she agrees to go with him to his theater. Beast thinks that Flynn has some sort of mind-control on her and tells them both to leave.

That night at the theater, Dazzler performs and the Beast has bought tickets to the show. She goes out on stage and begins to sing. The crowd boos her and then Flynn lets out a beast that starts to attack her. The crowd roars in enthusiasm. Dazzler fights back and then realizes that she is getting too violent and runs off the stage. Then, Flynn tells the other gladiators to give the crowd blood. There is a giant battle and when all is over then everyone retires to their rooms. Beast comes walking into the restricted access room and finds Dazzler, Flynn and a few of the gladiators. He confronts them and says Dazzler needs to come with him to be safe. She starts to tell him yes and then notices the "glow" coming back from her powers. She decides to stay with the gladiators and Beast goes to the Heartbreak Hotel alone and grieves for Dazzler.

Continued from last issue.... The Beast has tracked down Dazzler to the Heartbreak Hotel, a home run by the mysterious Kate, who opened her door to misfits seeking shelter (mostly mutants.) There she recounts to him the events that led her to this point: Meeting Alexander Flynn and his "Mutant Underground Theatre" crowd that ushered her into a life of decadence following the collapse of her career after she was outed as a mutant.

Finally recovering from the effects of the drugs that Flynn secretly put into her drinks, Dazzler meets with Kate and the others and learns about the Hotel and also about the various powers that the mutants living there have. Beast later joins her and they are left alone as it begins to rain, and the two appear to develop a romantic interest in each other. Later when one of the Hotel mutants named Link tries to cheer them up, Dazzler takes offence in Link's light hearted jokes about her budding relationship with the Beast and storms off. Following her into the Hotel's green house, the two share a kiss unaware that Poltergeist is hiding out in there. Not wanting to be discovered Mickey tries to keep his powers in check however the "poltergeist" he has to keep in check causes the glass in the green house to explode, making the two would-be lovers dive to the ground. Finding Mickey, Dazzler comforts the boy and she talks about how she would never use her powers to harm another.

Meanwhile, in Latveria, Dr. Doom receives more news about his apparent heir, Alexander Flynn. When he hears that Flynn has recently hired Dazzler as part of his show, he dismisses her as nothing more than a tawdry night club singer. Back in Los Angeles, Alexander Flynn arrives with one of his mutant "actors" who come to collect Dazzler. Beast refuses to let them take her and the self titled Howlers show off that they have a mutant barking power that weakens the Beast, however Henry manages to knock them out. Dazzler stops Henry before he can attack Flynn and tells him that she intends to go with Flynn to the theatre, much to Beasts chagrin. Sickened by this sight, Beast tells them both to get out of sight but instantly regrets rejecting Dazzler.

Beast manages to track down and purchase a ticket to the secret underground theatre, and notices that a lot of rich and influential people are in attendance. When Dazzler goes out on the stage to sing, she is booed by the crowd and Beast realizes that this "theatre" is really a gladiators theatre. Flynn then convinces her to go out and fight a horned mutant. Dazzler's powers keep the monster at bay, however it manages to harm her sending Beast bounding into action. With the crowd in a frenzy, Hugo Longride sends in the other Gladiators to engage in a battle royal before a frenzied audience. Dazzler breaks off from the fight with Beast when the horned mutant kills one of the other combatants. Returning to her dressing room, Dazzler is visited by members of the Gladiators who justify what they do as well as claim that the death in the arena was an accident. All the while, Max Racer is once more putting drugs into Dazzler's drink.

As Flynn is sweet talking her, Beast bursts in and wants to take Dazzler out of there, he manages to convince her to leave until her mutant powers start flaring out of control. Afraid of losing control of her power, and falsely believing that keeping the company of the Gladiator's prevent her powers from doing such, Dazzler turns away from Beast and tells him that she is staying with the Gladiators. Disgusted once more, Beast tells her off and storms out telling her that he won't chase after her again.

Beast then returns to the Heartbreak Hotel and tearfully wishes that this hadn't happened to such a good person as Alison Blaire.

This story is continued next issue....

  • Dazzler recalls the events that have brought her to this moment via flashbacks.

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