Under an alliance with the Viper, Coachwhip invaded the Serpent Society with several colleagues in a plot to overthrow its leader Sidewinder and have Viper assume leadership. However, interference from Captain America foiled Viper's plans, and she abandoned Coachwhip and her other agents. Coachwhip then joined the Society under King Cobra's leadership.[2]

Though very little is known about Coachwhip's history, she is a very ruthless woman and very skilled with the electrically-charged chain-linked whips that she has connected to her gauntlets. During Diamondback's trial, Coachwhip was the prosecutor, and was able to convince the other members that she was guilty of treason and deserved the punishment of death. She had also become romantically involved with King Cobra.[3] When Captain America came to Diamondback's rescue, Coachwhip fought against Diamondback and Black Mamba, two women Coachwhip had developed a strong dislike for. Despite entrapping both women with her whips, Coachwhip was defeated, when Diamondback used her skill with thrown objects to throw a hypodermic needle at Coachwhip's head, stunning her.[4]

Coachwhip briefly took time out of the Serpent Society to join villains Killer Shrike and the Ringer -whom they jokingly nicknamed "Ringo"- as they battled the Moon Knight during the events of Acts of Vengeance. The Knight defeated Coachwhip and the Ringer, but the Shrike escaped.[5]

After some time apart, the Serpent Society reformed and Coachwhip was among their numbers.[6]

Coachwhip and China Force's Ox were among the vast number of super-villains who traveled to Bagalia as part of the open invitation to join the Masters of Evil.[7]


No known powers.


Coachwhip is highly skilled in the use of whips in combat.


Coachwhip's eyes are somewhat sensitive to bright light. She wears a polarized strip of material which provides her with protection against blinding attacks.


Coachwhip uses electrically-charged chain-whips attached to her gauntlets which she claims can generate up to 20,000 volts.

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