For the location of the 2015 Secret Wars event, see Battleworld (Latverion).


Battleworld was a patchwork planet constructed by the Beyonder,who, using pieces taken from hundreds of worlds, including Earth, formed as an arena for his "Secret Wars". Towards the end of this conflict, the Molecule Man transported the suburb of Denver which had been stolen from Earth back home. The Thing stayed on Battleworld for a while after most of the Beyonder's kidnap victims had returned home, coming into conflict with Ultron and his own dark side; when he departed, Battleworld blew up.


  • In What If? Vol 2 #114, the Battleworld was not destroyed and the "contestants" never returned home. They stopped fighting, settled down, and had children. The Hulk went off into the wilderness for about 20 years to figure out a way back home. He finally did and came back just as Dr. Doom's son, with other children of former villians, tried to take over. The Hulk helped the Heroes and reformed Villians fight off a horde of Doombots. Banner's device used Mjolnir's portal opening ability to change worlds. Crusader had recently inherited the magic hammer, by her apparent worthiness. The older Heroes decided that it was too dangerous to make the trip though, and their children later took it upon themselves to test it out on their own. They didn't make it back to Earth-616 but instead to a Days of Future Past type of world, though it is unclear which one.


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