Quote1 Isn't it easier to let me take control? Quote2
-- The Controller src

The Controller was a A.I.M. operative in charge of dismantling a prototype of a flying carrier made by Stark Industries in search for power sources. When Iron Man started searching for stolen Stark Tech and destroying different terrorist organizations, he tried to destroy all A.I.M. cargo. The Controller unsuccessfully tried to mind-control Iron Man, as he managed to destroy every piece of stolen tech, as well as the rest of the A.I.M. operatives but him. He was eventually defeated, however his whereabouts afterwards are unknown.[1]


Mind Control: The Controller has the ability to mentally control others. Although this power seems to be low-range, not developed extensively or can be weakened by different substances the victim can be protected with, as he couldn't mind-control Iron Man by only the latter willpower.


Mind Control

Strength level

Basil has the strength of an average man who engages in moderate exercise


Basil can die and be wounded like any other human

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