Basil Drake was a wealthy Englishman seeking to marry Ellen Chadwick, the daughter of Sir John Chadwick. When he was refused he would become insane with rage at this denial. Utilizing an invisibility potion of his own invention, he would douse his Ethiopian aid Chandi with the solution to render his entire body except for his hands invisible. Chandi would then be dispatched to murder individual members of the Chadwick family.

Sir John would fear for his family and contact his American colleague Professor Philo Zog who would come to his friends aid along with his robot invention Electro. Electro and the Professor would send the mostly invisible attacker fleeing into the night and track him back to Drake's home. Drake would unleash a horde of captured apes upon the robot, but they would prove no match for it. Strangling the invisible Chandi into submission Zog would pilot Electro into Drake's bed room too late to stop him from committing suicide to prevent himself from having to face Electro alone. Chandi would attack Zog and his friends after and be shot dead.[1]


Drake had an invisibility potion of his own design.


Drake use a pistol.

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