Barton Blaze was the main attraction in a trade fair, being a motorcycle rider expert in riskful coreographies. He works together with his son, Johnny. Being a chain-smoker, Barton finds out he has lung cancer and little time to live, but he decides not to tell his son about it. Johnny, however, finds out, and the same night the demon Mephistopheles proposes to cure his father's cancer in exchange for his soul. Johnny agrees, and the next morning Barton finds himself completely cured. He believes in a miracle, but Johnny knows the truth. Later, Johnny tells his father his project of a love escape with his girlfriend Roxanne Simpson. Barton complains about his son's lack of prudence, but eventually gives him his favourite motorcycle and the best wishes for a bright future. Mephisto, meanwhile, continues his plan, and when Barton makes his show, he makes him crash with his bike, thus killing him.

Johnny finds him on the ground, and Barton looks at him with Johnny asking if he's alright but he drops dead. In the background, Mephistopheles laughs and disappears.

When Johnny is older and Ghost Rider, he is in a cemetary and his face is burning and he is suffering, he reaches his arm out to Barton's grave but falls down.[1]

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