At a convention of marshals and sheriffs, Marshal "Bat" Trask, the self-proclaimed "foremost malform hunter this side of Little Rock, Arkansas", unveiled his newly created robotic Razormen to an unsuspecting crowd.

When the band of malform outlaws known as Generation Hex attempted to rob a mail train, Trask was waiting for them on board the train with his Razormen hidden in the boxcars.

Hoping for a malform-free West, Trask sent his Razormen after Generation Hex to hunt down and destroy the malforms. What Masrhal Trask did not know or perhaps knew only on a subconscious level was that the genius that enabled him to design the Razormen came from a subtle mutation of his own brain. The Razormen relentlessly pursued Generation Hex for days.

But before the robots were able to destroy their targets, Generation Hex tricked the Razormen into slaughtering the non-malform inhabitants of the town of Humanity instead.[1]


Marshal "Bat" Trask is an accomplished malform hunter

Strength level

Normal human male


None known

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