Bartholomew Gallows became the vigilante "Americop" after resigning from the Houston Police when he became disillusioned with the judicial system and felt the process was too ineffective. He had listened to security scanners around Houston, listening and tracking down criminals and wrongdoers.[1]

He had an encounter with Captain America, who was appalled and condemned brutalities, and tried to stop him while trying to capture munitions magnate Damon Dran.[2] The two were knocked out by a gas grenade and imprisoned but later escaped. He killed a lot of Dran's men and thought that Dran died in a helicopter explosion.[3]

After the Civil War, Bart was listed as a potential recruit for the Initiative by S.H.I.E.L.D..[4] However, he became a target on the Thunderbolts' "Most Wanted" files. Osborn sent Bullseye and Penance to catch him, hoping that the vigilante killed them both or toughen Penance up. During the hunt Penance lets out a powerful energy blast (caused by Bullseye) that paralyzed Bart, who was bleeding and was taken to Thunderbolts Mountain.[5]

Gallows eventually died (possibly as a result of the wounds incurred during his fight with the Thunderbolts) and had his costume and code name appropriated by Keane Industries for their private policing initiative "the Americops".[6]

Power Grid [8]
Energy Projection
Fighting Skills
* Heightened strength when wearing costume


Energy storage and transmitter device


Excellent unarmed combatant, near superhuman strength, relentless determination

Strength level

Near superhuman strength, actual superhuman strength when augmented by his costume.


Aversion to bodily harm.


Kevlar Facemask, Kevlar Vest with Groin Attachment, Armored Police Cap


Police Truck


Tactical Knife, Nightstick, Twin .45 Pistols, and a Net Gun

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