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Very little is known about Barracuda's early life. Even his real name remains a mystery. From what little information has been made public, we learn that he was raised in Boca Raton, Florida, as the eldest of his siblings, two brothers and a sister. His father, who happened to be an alcoholic, would often abuse Barracuda in his youth, at one point going as far as to hold his hand over a burning stove while telling him to "be as hard as the motherf_cking world itself".

Later Barracuda got into a fight at elementary school during which he gouged the eyes out of his opponent; as a result, he was sent to a juvenile detention center. There, he castrated a would-be rapist. Barracuda was noticed by an Army Special Forces Colonel, who was impressed by the young man's toughness and quick thinking, and recruited him as part of a special program to recruit troubled youths at a young age for military purposes. Barracuda was given full Special Forces training, as well as an excellent education. At age 20, he was sent on missions, among which he inserted a dictator in a South American nation, and once practiced cannibalism while in Africa. He spent time in Nicaragua in which he was part of a Special Forces unit advising the anti-communist Contras. During his time in Nicaragua, Colonel Nick Fury visited the Green Berets to gain insight into their mission and whether or not they were operating under ethical military protocol. Fury discovered that Barracuda and the other Green Berets were part of a cocaine trafficking plot in which cocaine would be sold in the United States and the money raised from selling it would be used to fund the Contras; the Green Berets received a cut of this. At the age of 24, Barracuda left the Green Berets, and decided to become a gang-banger. He joined the Hood N_ggas and Killas, and later became the hardest in the hood due to his military training. Barracuda has got into many illegal street fights with rival gangs, the gang he was affiliated with were always harassed by corrupt cops and urban watchmen, which led later to Barracuda beating a Boca Raton cop to death when he was stopped by the officer for throwing Molotov cocktails at an old couple's house. He worked for wealthy Harry Ebbing for a long time and the two stayed good friends. Ebbing calls Barracuda to eliminate the Punisher and stop him from interfering in his criminal plans. During a fight near the beach involving a shark the Punisher fractured his 4 fingers and stabbed his eye out.

The Punisher eventually killed Barracuda by shooting him several times in the head with his own AK-47.


Expert at killing/assassination, terrorism, excellent unarmed combatant, large size, near superhuman strength.


Green Beret Training: Barracuda has undergone full U.S. Army Special Forces training, and all of the courses that it includes.

Hand to hand Combat: Barracuda was trained in advanced forms of hand to hand combat, and how to incapacitate or kill his opponents as quickly as possible.

Marksmanship: Barracuda was a trained infantryman and sniper, as well as an advanced marksman. Even with only one eye, he is still a crack-shot.

Survival Training: Barracuda has been trained to not only survive, but also to thrive and fight in desert, arctic, mountain, tropical, and urban environments.

Amphibious training: Barracuda was trained in combat swimming, combat diving, underwater combat, and amphibious assault.

Airborne Training: As well as full HALO, HAHO,LAHO and LALO jump training, Barracuda has also been taught freefall, ecstatic, paragliding, and heliborne insertion.

Medical skills: Barracuda was trained in medicine and field surgery, and has extensive knowledge of how to treat wounds.

Language/cultural training: Barracuda was taught the language and customs of several cultures, most likely Latino and Arabic ones.

Demolitions training: Barracuda was taught how to handle explosives in any environment, as well as under water.

Black Ops training: Barracuda was taught various forms of stealth and infiltration tactics. He is also an experienced escapologist.

Strength level

Peak Human Barracuda has demonstrated strength that is sufficient enough to snap steel chains and kick through the floor of an automobile. He has proven to be able to overpower the Punisher on numerous occasions. These instances, combined with his huge size and workout regimen, indicate that the Barracuda's strength is nearly superhuman.


Hockey mask, Bulletproof Vests


Hot Rods


Military Explosive Weaponry (C-4, Grenades, Land Mines etc.), Assault Weaponry (Handguns, Machine Guns etc.), Heavy Ordnance Weaponry (Rocket Launchers), Hood Knives Collection (Mostly Switchblades), Machete

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