Baron Skullfire was pleased when his friend Molek once again appeared at his home in Skull City, in the Congo. The Baron and his consort, Marinette Bwa Chech, also welcomed Molek's traveling companions. Among those with Molek was none other than Johnny Blaze and his new Caretaker. Together, they awaited the coming of the minions of Zadkiel – Daniel Ketch and the Black Host. When the time came to wage war, Baron Skullfire immobilized his troops, and he and the other Ghost Riders met the rogue angels head on. Unfortunately for the Baron, one of the Black Host's swords found their mark and ended his life.[1]


It can be assumed Baron Skullfire possessed all the powers given to every Spirit of Vengeance, including shooting powerful fireballs from his hands


Baron Skullfire carried a cane, but it is unrevealed if he ever used it as a weapon

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