The Baron was a wealthy mine owner who lived during the days of the American Frontier. With his massive wealth he constructed a castle over top of his mine, located behind an undisclosed western mountain. He formed an army led by a man named Whip Coburn to ride out on the range and capture able bodied workers and force them to work in his mine. Most of the workers succumbed to radiation poisoning from the Radium below the ground, requiring the Baron to send Whip and his men to get more people. The nearby town lived in fear of the Baron and were powerless to stop him.

Until the day two brothers named Luke and Bill were kidnapped by Whip and his gang. The kidnapping was witnessed by the Two-Gun Kid who recovered a note written by the Baron that was left at the scene. Riding into the nearby town, Two-Gun began asking around about the Baron but found the locals too frightened to talk about him. Whip eventually heard about the Kid's snooping and tried to shoot him in the back, but succeeded only in grazing the heroes brow and knocking him out. The Kid was recovered by Luke and Bill's sister but the pair were also captured by Whip and brought to the Baron's castle. The Baron then ordered Two-Gun put in the Radium mine while the girl was left to his mercy.

Two-Gun was paired to work with Luke and Bill and the three men led a rebellion and fought their way out of the mine. When the Baron's men, including Whip, were being wiped out by the rebellion, the Baron took the girl hostage and tried to flee by using her as a human shield. However, the Baron ran into some of the most radiation sickened workers who outnumbered him. Their superior numbers proved to be his undoing as the Baron was pulled away from the girl and carried down to the mines to suffer the same fate as those whom he left to die in there before him.[1]


The Baron used a riding crop as a disciplinary weapon, he also carried a pistol.

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