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Barney Bushkin was the editor of the Daily Globe, the Daily Bugle's main competitor. Peter Parker once sold him exclusive photos of Spider-Man, but Bushkin's overbearing personality and his questions on how Parker managed to take the photos convinced him to stay with the Daily Bugle[1].

He ran a campgain making out the White Tiger to be a menace, similar to J.J. Jameson's campaign against Spider-Man[2][3].

Later Bushkin was kidnapped by Electro and the Blizzard who were trying blackmail both Bushkin and J. Jonah Jameson into handing over their paper's payrolls. However Spider-Man and Daredevil defeated the villains.[4]

Subsequently the Globe's new owner, K.J. Clayton, demanded Bushkin obtain Parker's services for the Globe.[5] Parker was dropped from the Bugle and accepted an offer from the Globe where Buskin gave him a salaried position and was highly supportive.[6] However he also at times assigned Parker to work with April Maye despite the two not getting on.[7] Following an attempted hostile takeover of the Globe by Rupert Dockery, including the attempted murder of Clayton, publication of the paper was suspended and Bushkin was temporarily out of a job.[8] When it was revived he employed Eddie Brock as a jounalist.[9]

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