Barnell Bohusk was put into one of many of Sinister's slave pens. Following the death of Apocalypse at the hands of Magneto and the rebuilding of society, Barnell was rescued from the pens along with Rahne Sinclair and the mysterious Xorn (in reality former Generation Next member Husk seeking revenge on the X-Men for abandoning her on a mission). Barnell joined the X-Men and took on the code name Beak.[1]

Beak was only be an X-Man in training, and participated in a football game pitting the X-Men against each other in playful competition.[2] Beak has not been seen since since Xorn's betrayal to the X-Men, however it's presumed that he remains in training with the X-Men.



Although the Official Handbook of the Marvel Universe: Age of Apocalypse details that Beak has the same powers as his Earth-616 counterpart, in that he has bird-like features, his depictions on Earth-295 show him with green skin in near resemblance with Leech of the Morlocks, this was likely an artist error that could not be corrected before the series went to print due to the fact that the Age of Apocalypse mini-series was published weekly.

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