Barjnov is the capital and largest city of the Republic of Rumekistan.


Although things started to turn for the better, the country was targeted by organized attacks sponsored by the U.S. Government to destroy Cable's credibility. The Six Pack attempted to disrupt Barjnov's power grid and in the process, Cable was shot by Deadpool.[1] who had joined the Six Pack in secret after losing faith in Cable's messianic vision. Cable fixed the damage with his powers and directly accused the U.S. for its complicity, backed up by Domino's confession to such.[2] When Cable appeared to have been killed, a grand statue of him was erected in Barjnov[3], However, Cable had already succeeded in setting up a Government to replace him.

The new government was led by President Yuskevitch who cleaved strongly to Cable's ideals, sponsoring international efforts to secure abandoned weapons caches, military bases and science labs before they could be claimed by terrorists and try to repurpose them to benefit the rest of the world.[4]

Points of Interest

  • Barjnov Capitol Plaza
  • Barjnov Harbour

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