The Great Bardello was a travelling magician who operated during the days of the American Frontier. With his travelling show, he put on feats of magic along with other performers. His supporting cast included his stage assistant Rosa, Lusto the strong man, and others. Their performances were a ruse to distract locals and lawkeepers and hide their real intentions for being in a given town: to rob coaches.

Their scheme was perfect until the day they rode into the town of Red Dog, Texas, hope of sheriff Blaze Carson. While Bardello put on his performance -- making sure to include Blaze in one of his tricks -- he sent his minions to rob a Well Fargo wagon that was coming into town with the payroll for the local railroad. After the robbery the performance was interrupted and while Blaze and the locals formed a posse to go looking for those responsible, Bardello and his minions planned a hasty get away.

Suspecting nothing was as it seems, Blaze rode back to town and caught Bardello and his men bickering over each others cut of the theft. Blaze then confronted them, taking out Lusto and the other men while Bardello attempted to flee the scene. Blaze made short work of Bardello's cohorts and then knocked the magician out with a single punch. The posse soon returned to town and helped Blaze wrap up the gang.

Bardello's subsequent fate is unknown.




Bardello had no magical abilities, his skills being merely slight of hand to do tricks such as pulling ribbons out of a hat, card tricks, and pulling a rabbit out from under someone's shirt collar.


Bardello and his gang travelled from town to town in a wagon.

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