Two Generations Previous

Earth-616 Earth-400005
Bruce Banner I + Unnamed Wife
+ Unnamed Wife
Brian Banner
Elaine Banner
Susan Banner
DW Banner (Earth-400005)

_ Walters + unknown
Morris Walters
Cassandra Walters

Previous Generation

Earth-616 Earth-311
Brian Banner + Rebecca Banner
+ Unnamed Wife
Hulk (Bruce Banner)
Behemoth (cloned from Bruce Banner)
Robert David Banner (Earth-311)

Elaine Banner + Morris Walters
Jennifer Walters
Amazon (cloned from Jennifer Walters)

Cassandra Walters + Unknown
David Pike

DW Banner (Earth-400005) + Elizabeth Banner (Earth-400005)
David Banner (Earth-400005) II
Helen Banner (Earth-400005)

Susan Banner + Mr.Drake
Adopted Hulk (Bruce Banner) (nephew)

Current Generation

Bruce Banner + Caiera + Thundra + Monica Rappacini + Jarella + Elizabeth Ross


Lyra Carmilla Black (apparently) Unnamed Daughter (miscarried)

Jennifer Walters + John Jameson, Jr. (divorced)

Alternate Reality Previous Generation

Brian Banner + Rebecca Banner
Bruce Banner
Nerd Hulk (cloned from Bruce Banner)

Elaine Banner + Morris Walters
Jennifer Walters
Jhen the Gammazon (cloned from Jennifer Walters)

Alternate Reality Current Generation

Earth-982 Earth-811 Earth-23884 Earth-807128 Earth-807128 Earth-9200 Earth-TRN421
Robert Bruce Banner + unnamed + Elizabeth Ross + Jennifer Walters + Jennifer Walters + unknown + Char + unknown
David Banner III Hulky Jr. Hulk Gang (Earth-807128) Bruce Banner Jr. unnamed son Bart Banner

Earth-721 Earth-9811 Earth-9511 Earth-23884 Earth-807128 Earth-9939 Earth-90110
Jennifer Walters + Augustus Pugliese + Clinton Barton + Wyan Wingfoot + Bruce Banner + Bruce Banner + Rhino (clone)
Unknown Clinton Barton Jr. Jessica Wingfoot Hulky Jr. Hulk Gang (Earth-807128) + Jhen the Gammazon

The Hulk Gang consists of Otis, Charlie, Miss Bobbie-Jo Banner, Bruce Banner Junior, Rufus, Woody, Elrod, Eustace, Luke, Beau, Billy-Bob, and 20 or 30 others led by Pappy Banner. These are the Hulk's children and grand-children with Jennifer Walters. The Hulk gang is incestuous so Hulk's grandson Bruce Banner Jr. is also his son.

Alternate Reality Future Generation

Bart Banner + Valeria Richards-Banner

James Howlett (adopted)
Bruce Banner Jr.

Family Tree