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Half-Life is a humanoid extraterrestrial with the ability to age any living being via physical contact. She has green skin with black hair and gray temples. Half-Life annihilated the entire population of her home world, and was summoned to the planet Earth by the maniacal Graviton to assist him in conquering the Earth.

In the story of her first appearance, she was part of a team assembled by Graviton to resemble the Unified Field Theory. Half-Life represented the Weak force, Quantum represented the Strong force, while Zzzax represented Electromagnetism. Graviton himself represented gravity.

She is currently incarcerated in The Vault (a prison facility for super-villains).


  • Half-Life is an extraterrestrial with the ability to age any living being by touch halfway through their full life span (one would presume "remaining" lifespan, thus stealing half of their lifetime). Multiple contacts with Half-Life result in death for the victim. However, the aging effect is not immediately permanent, and if she is knocked out fast enough (within a few minutes) her victims will revert to their normal age. She can also use this power to dissolve inorganic material.

Half-Life is immune to most forms of heat and radiation.

Real name revealed in the Official Handbook of the Marvel Universe A to Z Update #4

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