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Mr. Smallen

Mr. Smallen was related to the Mallon family, a wealthy family who in the 1940s owned a number of successful mines in various remote parts of the world. Smallen regularly traveled to these mines and soon became immersed in the culture of the local savages that were indigenous to the regions where the Mallon mines were located. Becoming completely indoctrinated in the anti-white ways of the local savages, Smallen managed to convince them into letting him join their tribe. Ultimately, Smallen had been driven completely insane and came up with a plot to try and eliminate all whites.

To this end, he returned to the United States with a number of locals to carry out this plot. With his followers operating under the guise of working staff hired at the Mallon estate, Smallen and his men organized the kidnapping of Jim Mallon Jr, the youngest of the family who when on many expeditions. As Jim was en route on another expedition, Smallen then mailed a shrunken head to the Mallon home to convince them that Jim was dead, but instead decided for reasons that only made sense to himself, he decided to keep Jim alive a while long and kept him prisoner within his Manhattan penthouse apartment.

Meanwhile, Jim's mother Mrs. Mallon, not believing that her son is dead then sent out a call to Captain America on a radio program. Hearing this, Captain America came to the Mallon estate with his partner Bucky. There they were introduced to Smallen and the work staff, unaware of their implication in the disappearance of Jim. When Captain America noticed that the mailing address on the package containing the shrunken head was complete, it prompted Smallen to send his men to attack the hero and his sidekick as they left the Mallon property. While the two heroes were busy fighting off their attackers, Smallen rushed to his penthouse apartment.

Eventually, Captain America and Bucky followed Smallen's minions to his home and soon were captured once again and brought before Smallen. Smallen revealed his motivations. But before he could behead Cap, Bucky and Jim, Cap broke free and fought back. While Bucky and Jim fought off Smallen's minions, Cap and Smallen took their fight to the roof of the building. There, Smallen was knocked off the roof and fell to his death. His minions were then easily defeated thereafter and Jim explained how his uncle had gone insane.


Smallen wielded edged weapons made out of bamboo. Notably bamboo daggers and a large wooden machete.

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