Baldwin Drake was the owner of the Drake Lumber Company. After losing a government bid to purchase the Burton County forest to Borden Lumber Co, he would hire criminals to set the forest on fire. Unfortunately for Baldwin, John Borden -- owner of Borden Lumber -- was an old colleague of Professor Philo Zog, inventor of the Electro robot.

After setting the blaze, Drake would be angered to see the robot attempting to put out the flames. He would send his thugs to shoot Borden and capture Zog, tossing the scientist into the inferno. Borden would survive the attack and use Electro to save Zog, and both men would put out the blaze and send Electro to capture Drake. Drake and his men would fortify his lumber mill, but it's defenses would be incapable of stopping the robot who would easily capture them as they attempted to escape in a getaway car.[1]


No known paranormal powers

Baldwin Drake has 2 other Timely Comics counterparts:Oldman Corvan(rival lumberer) Captain America Comics#12(3/42)"Timber!"[[1]] and Jeff Cramer(rival lumberer in Terry Vance story)[[2]][[3]].

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