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Azuma Gōda, was a former ninja, and leader of a dissident part of The Hand, that hated being ruled by the Kingpin. Using sleeper ninjas that were better trained then the average Hand members, he started a war with the Yakuza clan.[1]

Wolverine travelled then to Japan to stop the war, and fought Azuma's ninjas and Sabretooth and Mystique who were hired to stop Logan. Meanwhile, Gōda blackmailed the new Silver Samurai and made him betray the Yashida clan.[2]

Finally, Wolverine killed every single ninja, and went to murder their leader. Gōda wasn't scared because he was being protected by Sabretooth and Mystique, and his plan of becoming the invisible head of Asia's crime was close to be fullfiled. But Sabretooth betrayed him, and left him without protection, allowing Logan to kill him with a Katana in his own building.[3]

Creed, using Azuma's plan killed the members of the other Asian's mafias and became the invisible king of all Asia.

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