Axonn-Karr (Earth-616) from Tales of Suspense Vol 1 62 001

Axonn-Karr's remains in the Valley of Spirits

Axonn-Karr was an Makluan explorer from the planet Maklu-4 on a flight to find new worlds, to learn if intelligent life existed in any galaxy other than his own. He ran into disaster when he arrived on Earth, as the people thought of him as a monster. He was mortally wounded and retreated into a cave, where he died.

His carcass was found decades later by the Mandarin in the Valley of Spirits. He kept a device with a log narrating his travels and discoveries, which was used by the Mandarin to gain immeasurable knowledge.[1]

  • According to the Mandarin, the sighting of Axonn-Karr originated the mythological concept of the Chinese dragon.[1]

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