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Born with mutant abilities, the man known as Axe became a mercenary. He was hired by the Hellfire Club to distract the New Mutants from the kidnapping of Nina da Costa. Apparently fired, he found work in the Underground Mutant Theatre, a secretive fight arena based in Los Angeles, as a member of their headline group, the Gladiators. However, he was once again defeated by the New Warriors.

After that his story becomes vaguer. When next seen, he was an inmate in a prison for supervillains, a member of a prison gang called the Brothers, and the personal bodyguard of a disgraced rap star named Mo' Money.

Axe stayed with Mo' Money when they were transferred to the Raft, a different prison. During "the fear", Mo' Money's gang joined Crossbones on an escape attempt, but Crossbones, true to the policy of his mentor the Red Skull, double-crossed them and killed them all.

  • Axe was a minor New Mutants villain in issues #7 and #29. It is unknown if he kept his powers after M-Day.

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