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Avengers Vol 3 17

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Appearing in "Cage of Freedom"Edit

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Synopsis for "Cage of Freedom"Edit

The Avengers track Photon and the Wrecking crew to Polemachus, Arkon's realm, and pursue them, leaving Iron Man and Justice behind. Wasp and Giant Man meet up with Iron Man and the injured Justice, and tell them that Carol Danvers has been abducted. They investigate an unusual power drain and join Warbird against the Doomsday Man. With a valiant effort by an injured Justice, they defeat the Doomsday Man. Meanwhile back on Polemachus, the rest of the team discover to their horror that the Wrecking Crew, somehow powered by Photon have seized control of this realm.

  • Despite suffering from a concussion, Justice disobeys orders and helps his teammates defeat the Doomsday Man, breaking his leg in the process.

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