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Avengers Vol 1 78


Avengers Vol 1 78

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Quote1 You have no need to know my true name, fool! For those who speak it do so only in whispers -- fearful whispers, lest they reach the ears of... the Man-Ape! Quote2
-- Man-Ape

Appearing in "The Man-Ape Always Strikes Twice!"Edit

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Synopsis for "The Man-Ape Always Strikes Twice!"Edit

Arriving on the roof of Avengers Mansion, Captain America soon finds himself locked in battle against the Man-Ape. Their battle alerts the other Avengers who join the battle in Cap's defense, but the Man-Ape manages to escape. Inside the mansion, the Avengers wonder why the Man-Ape would target Captain America, an Avenger whom he's never faced before.

Meanwhile, Black Panther pays a visit to Monica Lynn to tell her of his activities as a school teacher. Leaving her to report back to Avengers Mansion, Monica is attacked and kidnapped by the Man-Ape. When Black Panther arrives at Avengers Mansion and learns about the Man-Ape's earlier attack, the Avengers are contacted by the Ape himself who informs them that he has captured Lynn. He wishes to battle the Black Panther alone.

Arriving at the preplanned location, Black Panther and Man-Ape battle, however with the aid of his henchman N'Gamo, the Man-Ape defeats the Black Panther. The Ape gloats his victory to the Avengers before bringing his defeated foe to an abandoned tunnel below New York City. Black Panther learns that this is all part of a plot against the Avengers created by a number of their foes (Man-Ape, Living Laser, Power Man, Swordsman, and the Grim Reaper) who have banned together as the Lethal Legion.

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