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Avengers Vol 1 7

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Quote1 Gosh, Iron Man -- if you won't level with them, how can the Avengers help? Quote2
-- Rick Jones

Appearing in "Their Darkest Hour!"Edit

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Synopsis for "Their Darkest Hour!"Edit

Iron Man faces the Avengers who suspend him for a week after he refused to assist them a few days ago. In Asgard, the Enchantress and the Executioner are banished to Earth by Odin. There they find Zemo who had managed to escape the authorities, and they team up with him to stop Captain America. The Enchantress's ultimate motive, however, is to get Thor by her side.

After a training session fighting professional wrestlers in a gym, Captain America scolds Rick Jones for trying on Bucky’s old uniform. This brings back memories of Zemo and sparks again his will for revenge on his old enemy. After Giant-Man and the Wasp depart to the jungle to do some research on ants, Cap gets the visit of the Executioner posing as an ex-Nazi to lure the hero in the Amazon jungle to face Zemo. Meanwhile, the Enchantress successfully captures Thor by hypnotizing him. She then uses a spell that somehow convinces Thor that his teammates are all evil.

In South America, Cap easily gets rid of the natives fighting for Baron Zemo, but falls into a deep game trap. Called by Thor back to New York, Giant-Man and the Wasp arrive by helicopter to get attacked by the God of Thunder. Hearing of this on TV, Stark decides to intervene as Iron Man despite his banishment from the Avengers.

The Enchantress is remotely watching Zemo’s progress in defeating Cap. When she sees that the hero is still alive at the bottom of the pit, she tries to help by causing a cave-in, but it only gives Cap the opportunity to escape his prison. He then wins against Zemo's forces and the baron tries to escape. Captain America however manages to take a hike onto to the escape ship without Zemo’s suspicion.

Meanwhile, Iron Man finds a way to bring Thor back to his senses. Zemo's ship arrives in New York and he attacks the Avengers. When Cap makes his presence known to Zemo, the Enchantress takes the ship back to the Executioner who subdues the hero. The Masters of Evil flee before the rest of the team reaches them, but Thor generates a space warp that sends the ship God knows where. The team decide to get ready because they will be back.

  • The Enchantress' image from this cover will be used for her 1974 Series "A" Marvel Value Stamp #43

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