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Avengers Vol 1 58


Avengers Vol 1 58

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Quote1 Becoming an Avenger is not a right... but a privilege! Quote2
-- Iron Man

Appearing in "Even An Android Can Cry"Edit

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Synopsis for "Even An Android Can Cry"Edit

The Vision wishes to become an Avenger, so Captain America, Thor and Iron Man all attack him to test his power. He passes the test and they make him one. Vision remembers he was created by Ultron to kill the Avengers. They go to Goliath's lab and Goliath remembers how he created Ultron, but was attacked by it and made to forget the entire incident. They also notice that Wonder Man's memory tape is also missing and they realize that the Vision is made up of Wonder Man's memory and brain patterns.

  • The Vision officially joins the Avengers in this issue.
  • The cover images of Thor, Iron Man, and Captain America have all been used by Marvel Comics for merchandising. The images for Iron Man and Captain America were used for their 1975 Series "A" Marvel Value Stamps [1].

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