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Avengers Vol 1 46


Avengers Vol 1 46

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Quote1 You mixed-up, adorable nut! As if my life would mean anything to me if I lost you! Quote2
-- Wasp

Appearing in "The Agony and the Anthill!"Edit

Featured Characters:

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Synopsis for "The Agony and the Anthill!"Edit

Black Widow is out of the hospital and recovering from her injuries. She has decided to give up her Black Widow persona. The Wasp has a new chauffeur, called "Charles". In reality, it is the villain formerly known as the Human Top, now with a new costume calling himself Whirlwind, planning revenge on Goliath. Whirlwind attacks Goliath and the Wasp. They are beaten and Whirlwind shrinks them with Goliath's ray and places them in the anthill. Without their helmets, the ants see them as prey and they try to escape. Whirlwind plants a bomb in the room. Captain America passes by and finds him. The two battle him to a stand-still. Goliath warns them about the bomb and Quicksilver rushes outside with it and throws it up into the air, letting it explode without causing harm. From this moment on, Goliath vows he will use the powers of Ant-Man and Goliath to help the Avengers.

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