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Quote1 This time, there can be no mistake! This time, Captain America must die! Quote2
-- Super-Adaptoid

Appearing in "Blitzkrieg in Central Park!"Edit

Featured Characters:


Other Characters:




  • Aero-car

Synopsis for "Blitzkrieg in Central Park!"Edit

A large celebration is held in honor of the Avengers, but the Super-Adaptoid waits in the crowd. Hercules is asked to be an Avenger and he accepts. Thor and Iron Man leave after a while and Captain America arrives and the Super-Adaptoid shows himself and attacks. After a long battle, the Adaptoid is beaten when it tries to use all its different powers at once, effectively short-circuiting it.

  • Avengers mansion is now known to be adjacent to Central Park. Why the Wasp drove her car there must only be a tribute to her vanity. Perhaps she wanted to show off her new vehicle to the media.

See AlsoEdit

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