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Avengers Vol 1 390


Avengers Vol 1 390

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Quote1 Good bye to you, big sister. I did all that I could. Believe that -- PLEASE. Pray for me, Luna. Pray for us ALL -- for the storm is coming. Quote2
-- Tuc

Appearing in "Campfire Tales"Edit

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Synopsis for "Campfire Tales"Edit

The Avengers spend a bit of downtime, enjoying a summer barbeque at Tony Stark's house in the Adirondack Mountains. Lockjaw runs into the woods and Hercules follows him. He meets up with a mysterious young boy who introduces himself as a friend to all the Avengers. The boy shows him a deck of cards with the Avengers logo. Hercules takes him back to the others.

The boy does reveals himself to be a fortune teller and gives cryptic predictions of what the future holds for all those present in the barbecue: Crystal, Deathcry, Hercules, Lockjaw, Luna Maximoff, Magdalene, Marilla, Quicksilver, and Swordsman. The Avengers recognize themselves in the boy's cards. The "prediction" for Marilla consists of tears and a reminder that Luna loves her. Foreshadowing her imminent death. The boy then disappears without a trace.

Just before dawn, the boy appears in Luna's room. To tell his "big sister" that he did everything he could. The boy turns out to be the future child of Crystal and Quicksilver, named Tuc. He warns his sister of the coming storm, asks her to pray for everyone and then leaves again.

Meanwhile in New York City, the Wasp learns that she is bankrupt, but tries to remain positive.

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  1. This story is reprinted in the following comics/TPB's:

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