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Quote1 She is GONE, Pietro. And all is ASHES. All is DUST. Quote2
-- Hercules after the death of Taylor Madison

Appearing in "Dream Lover"Edit

Featured Characters:

Supporting Characters:


Other Characters:




  • Avengers Sky-Car

Synopsis for "Dream Lover"Edit

Hera, disguised as the mortal Augustine Jones, and Taylor Madison pay the Avengers a visit. Hera reveals her true self and attacks the Avengers. The Avengers fight valiantly, but they're out of their league. Zeus makes a dramatic entrance and ends the battle. Hera abandons her revenge plot. Zeus explains that Taylor Madison is simply a construct he used to draw Hera out. Taylor Madison, in a final embrace with Hercules, fades into nothingness. Hercules rages against his father and Zeus strips him of his immortality.

  • Taylor Madison is revealed to be a non-living construct created by Zeus to be Hercules' soul mate in order to lure Hera into a trap that would reveal her machinations regarding Hercules.
  • Hercules is stripped of his immortality for not showing gratitude towards Zeus after saving him from Hera using the Taylor Madison construct.

  • The cover lists the release year as 1994, when it was actually released in 1995.

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